AppShow – European App Economy Congress is a journey into the world of apps that have changed habits, lifestyles and daily activities. At the heart of the event are the new business models and cross-cutting innovations that apps have generated in all sectors of the economy.


The first event was held in Milan in 2017, ten years after the presentation of the first iPhone: the visionary project by Steve Jobs that gave rise to the mobile revolution and marked the birth of the App Economy.


The European App Economy Congress attracted the international digital elite, representatives of institutions and the industry but also influencers and innovators who took turns on the AppShow stages to discuss new challenges to face, inspire and encourage to think outside the box.


The AppShow is not just an event for professionals, full of opportunities for quality networking and promoting new products in stores, but also a meeting place open to everyone with an international focus. AppShow is one of the biggest mobile app conferences 2018 and will take place in Milan, December 20th-22nd




In every conference room, keynotes, case studies, panels and workshops are held by digital innovation experts and app economy leaders on the sectors most impacted by mobile development: Mobility, Smart cities, Industry, Fintech, Smart home, Connected Vehicles, Travel, Marketing, Training, Retail & Distribution, Artificial Intelligence, Services, Startups, Healthcare, Work, Free Time.

Discover the full potential of the leading event on the App Economy

Forge new partnerships with international operators to share and develop new projects.

Present your company, product, service or latest news at an appropriate venue  to media, institutions, academics, investors, and users.

Take part in the full agenda of workshops and conferences at one of the biggest mobile app conferences 2018.

Get direct feedback from the visiting public, which can help you come up with useful, new ideas and identify unmet needs.

Customize your presence given different marketing and budget needs through packages designed for every type of user.