The three day event focuses on the innovation in and new business models being generated by the app industry, both of which present opportunities for the growth and development of the Italian and European economies within the global economy as well as challenges for their respective governments.

The schedule includes plenary sessions, thematic conferences, workshops, and keynotes held by international speakers.

For the first time in Europe, protagonists of the app economy will convene to discuss the app world and how it has changed our lives. Our work, education, entertainment, and shopping behavior, as well as our habits, lifestyles, and daily activities, and indeed even our culture have all been transformed by the app economy.

AppShow acts as a European hub for players, business customers, investors and users in order to support the development of new professionals, promote the latest market innovations, and test the tastes and trends of everyday users.

AppShow’s strength is its cross-cutting nature. It’s not just an event for professionals, but also a huge European showcase open to the general public. Its own language and its approach are based on the total emotional involvement of the visitors who can browse, experiment, create and even interact
with the novelties presented.


It will also be a user-friendly, educational, and exciting journey into the technology for the younger audience.


Discover the full potential of the leading event on the App Economy

Forge new partnerships with international operators to share and develop new projects.

Present your company, product, service or latest news at an appropriate venue  to media, institutions, academics, investors, and users.

Take part i in the full agenda of workshops and conferences.

Get direct feedback from the visiting public, which can help you come up with useful, new ideas and identify unmet needs.

Customize your presence given different marketing and budget needs through packages designed for every type of user.