Numbers of the App Economy

In Italy, the App Economy is in continuous growth, guaranteeing 1,65% of GDP, corresponding to an annual turnover of EUR 25,7 billion.


The latest data show that in Italy there are almost 40 million smartphones and 10 million  tablets. Specifically, every day 18 million users are connected to the internet through their smartphone and tablet, whereas less than 13 million users are connected through their PC. Several factors are at the base of the App economy’s exponential growth. The first is the evolution of users’ habits, who are now more mobile-addicted. They are constantly using applications on their mobile phones,. Their use is,according to Flurry, society specialized in app analytics, growing at the global level by 115% a year, with peaks of 203% in the segment of Messaging & Social and by 149% in Utilities & Productivity. Until a few years ago, this field was unknown but today the App economy, according to a study of the Progressive Policy Institute, counts 1,6 million employees in Europe. The study shows that, in Italy, the existing jobs linked to the design and development of Apps are more than 97,000. The leaders of the European ranking are: Great Britain with 321,000 jobs, Germany with almost 268,000, followed by France  with 228,000 and the Netherlands with 125,000, then Italy and the others.


According to Linkedln, a study based on 260 million professions, showed that iOS and Android programmers are the first and the second most sought-after and best paid jobs in the ICT market.


App developers


There are over 1.5 million apps available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store. There are millions of registered developers, mostly  those accredited by the tech giants, including 264,000in Italy, 646,000 in Great Britain, 472,000 in Germany, and 332,000 in France. At the last conference for developers, Sundar Pichai, Google’s CEO, gave a striking series of numbers. He said that last year there were over 600 models of smartphones based on Android launched, whereas the Play Store platform released 65 billion applications to the downloaded by users all over the world.


In 2014, 46% of the most innovative startups launched in Italy were focused on technological projects in the ITC area and 4% had their core business based in app development.


Bot and Chatbot


The evolution of technology, especially in the software area, is bringing about the creation of a new generation of bot. The latter could be the natural evolution of apps because it has an autonomous capacity of activation and making choices and decisions. Bots could also support us in our everyday lives, learning about our behavior and habits, and providing us services and information continuously.


Furthermore, in 2016 the latest announcement of Microsoft at Build raised interest in this new type of software linked to artificial intelligence. At the F8 Developer Conference, Mark Zuckerberg launched the bot’s arrival through Messenger affirming that nobody wants to install a new app for every service. The idea is that different brands, those active in the ecommerce and those in the newspapers, should leave behind their app and create bots inside a messaging app. In this way, they could create a direct and personal connection with their users.


The ongoing development of bots could change the current applications’ market by offering new and unusual business opportunities.

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